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Journey into midwifery

Michele’s journey into midwifery began with her first pregnancy. Strong willed and independent, she found herself wanting to explore her options for birth which led her to the midwifery model of care. In Arizona, 1975, the midwives to be found were self taught. A collective of women began a prenatal clinic were the pregnant women and partners did prenatal visits on one another and did study groups. Her pregnancy, labor and home delivery of her first daughter left her hooked for life to help families achieve the wonderful and empowering experience of birth.

Michele initiated her study of midwifery whole heartedly with a move to Montana in 1977. She attended classes and seminars, did self study, met with physicians who shared their expertise, attended homebirths of friends, and had her second daughter at home in Darby, MT.

Sixteen years into this experience and hundreds of babies later, she helped work on the Montana State legislation to become one of the first seven midwives to become licensed in the State of Montana in 1991 after passing the NARM exam. That same year Michele delivered her third daughter at home, assisted by her apprentice at the time Kathee Dunham, fellow midwife Dolly Browder, her husband, and two daughters.

She continues to actively pursue continuing education opportunities to further her midwifery skills. Michele remains current in Neonatal Resuscitation and Infant, Child and Adult CPR. She was a Certified Professional Midwife and a MANA member (Midwives Alliance of North America).

Second generation

Twin grandbabies

More about Michele

Outside of midwifery, Michele is often found preparing a banquet of Asian inspired dinners, being creative with numerous sewing projects for her daughters and grandkids, walking her dogs, or just paddling around on Flathead Lake in her kayak.

Michele looks forward to becoming more involved with the Flathead Valley community and birthing families.