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QuotesI can’t say enough good things about Michele Neal, as a midwife and as a person. It was a true pleasure to be taken care of by Michele during my pregnancy and birth and I am forever grateful to her for helping me to bring my baby into the world.

She knelt on a hard ceramic tile floor at the edge of our birthing tub for about 5 hours while I labored, never asking me to change position to accommodate her and always looking for ways that she could help me or make me more comfortable. Through her many years as a mother and midwife, she truly understands pregnancy, childbirth and the power of a woman’s body to instinctively give life.

After our postpartum visits with Michele ended, my husband and I missed her and wished she could have come for a visit every week, forever! We are fortunate to continue to call her a friend, however, and we sincerely hope that she will be there through any of our future pregnancies and births. I wouldn’t want anyone else.

p.s. Michele helped my mother give birth to me, and my baby was the first baby of a baby she had assisted in delivering, which just goes to show the strength and endurance of the relationship she has cultivated with her mamas.

~ Romy


Amy and Matt Queen

QuotesMichele came into our lives at a time when our original birth plans were quickly slipping through our fingers. We immediately connected with her. We felt completely comfortable in her presence and with our decision to have a home birth.

During the weeks leading up to the big day, Michel answered our myriad of questions. Each week we looked forward to her home visits knowing we would feel renewed and invigorated afterwards. Michele has a calming presence that is ideal for her profession.

On the day of our son’s birth, Michele gently guided us through the labor process. I felt confident in my abilities and comforted knowing Michele was there assisting. She gave Matt the space necessary to excel as my coach. this in turn allowed him and I to operate as a team. Michele gently encouraged me to try different positions until I found the one that worked. Before we knew it, we were holding our beautiful son, Abe!!!

Abe’s birth was the grandest experience of our lives. In the beginning, Michele was only our Mid-wife but now she is also a life-long friend. Thank You, Michele!

~ Amy and Matt Queen

QuotesWhen we got pregnant the first time, we already knew we wanted a home birth and Michele as our midwife. Michele had helped our very close friends give birth to their daughter, and they had nothing but great things to report. We knew from them that she had years of experience and would be very supportive throughout the process. Most importantly to us, they told us that Michele does not avoid necessary medical intervention. We didn’t want a home birth at all cost type of situation – we wanted a healthy child and a home birth if possible.

Both of our pregnancies turned out to be a bit complicated. Michele is a pillar of support in a complicated pregnancy – visiting our home several extra times to listen to the babies’ heartbeats, providing help and advise over the phone, and meeting with us for well over an hour for each visit. And she is a miracle worker with herbs and diet, allowing natural remedies to alleviate many problems. When more serious complications arose, Michele did not hesitate to perform extra lab work or send us to a doctor when she thought it was necessary.
Michele supported all of our decisions and provided much-needed advise on many occasions. Labor went quickly for both babies, and Michele got everything ready quickly and efficiently. During the first birth, Michele was incredibly supportive during nearly four hours of pushing, even wrapping a corded up sheet around her for me to pull on for at least an hour. Pushing was much faster when our second baby was born, and Michele was fantastic at slowing things down enough to avoid a significant tear.

Michele made a special point of engaging both of us in the first pregnancy, and engaging the whole family in the second one. Our older daughter felt very much a part of the process all along, and was present when her sister was born. After the birth, we asked her what she thought about watching the baby come out, and she said, “It was beautiful.” We heartily agree, and believe we have Michele to thank for making both experiences so wonderful.

~Kim and Tri and Quynh and Mai

Kim and Tri and Quynh and Mai


QuotesMy wife and I had the the good fortune of having Michele Neal as our midwife for our first child, born at our home in Polson in spring of 2014. Michele was a young midwife at my wife’s birth, 29 years ago in Arlee, so we were thrilled she could help us prepare for our baby’s arrival. From the first appointment, Michele gave us her time and respect. She asked how we would like the birth to be, and educated us about our baby’s development. We never felt rushed in our appointment, and we always felt comfortable to ask questions or discuss our anxieties about pregnancy or childbirth.

During the birth itself, Michele was a calming, confident, empowering presence for both me and my wife. She encouraged my wife, monitored our baby’s progress, and guided us through the delivery. When our son was born after a long labor in the inflatable tub in our living room, the experience was as wonderul as we had hoped it would be, but better than we could ever have imagined. Michele helped us have our baby the way we wanted to. With her support we felt confident and in control throughout the delivery. I can’t imagine there is a better midwife in Montana or the country than Michele Neal. Lot’s of love to you. We miss seeing you.

~ Jacob